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Everything about eSports is big, and getting even bigger at an astonishing rate. From the tens of thousands of fans in stadiums, to the millions of dollars in prize money, CNN's Don Riddell explores the extraordinary growth of the sport.

The digital revolution of the last 20 years has transformed the competitive landscape. Each year, the formerly underground "eSports" movement has become a massive game changer in the world of athletics. The fun and addictive energy of strategy games has become an economic powerhouse and is leveling traditional forms of sporting and entertainment. At the collegiate level, many universities have embraced eSports as any other athletic field, complete with scholarships


Why Does This Matter in School?

Each school-driven sport and athletic association presents an opportunity to help students to grow by instilling strategy, teamwork, work ethic, healthy habits and a positive life direction. With the Noblesville High School eSports program, StartEdUp has proven exactly the same. Though other schools have attempted to enter the scene through clubs and unofficial teams, StartEdUp has led the nation's first, official, varsity eSports team at NHS

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As with all other official varsity sports, students must comply to GPA standards and follow strict health/wellness standards alongside an intense training schedule. Players even receive a varsity letter-jacket.

Not only has this brought national attention to the school for competing (and winning) at a collegiate level, but it has also offered a home to students previously disenfranchised by the status-quo of high school athletics.


How Can my School Get Involved?

StartEdUp offers all of the information and help required to get your school off the ground and into the mix.

With in-person strategy sessions and workshops, we provide the exact tools and concepts you need in order to:

  • Organize as an official varsity sport
  • Properly hold tryouts and measure student ability/potential
  • Organize and maintain equipment
  • Coach and facilitate team building (including exercises, drills, common strategy and many more secrets)
  • Create and hold specific student health, wellness and GPA standards
  • Join and organize competitions


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