We are StartEdUp

StartEdUp is a global network of the most renowned innovators, educators and entrepreneurs. We define and employ the tactics of real innovation and leave the buzzwords in the dust.


What the Experts Say



Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower students and teachers to actively change education through employing innovation and entrepreneurship in the classroom. 


Video courtesy of Matthew Lingren


It Matters

Now more than ever, education needs reform. With the exponential growth of technology and wild changes in our global economy, students need to be prepared for a world different than we've ever experienced. 

An "innovative" student isn't just technology driven, they are simply producers not consumers. 




Our Strategy

StartEdUp goes far beyond simply telling why. We provide the network, the strategy and the framework no matter what part of the journey you're in.

StartEdUp students are enterprising, creative and opportunity driven. 

I don’t care if you teach for 20 years, just don’t teach the same year 20 times.
— Chuck Wettrick (Don's Father)