a crash course in innovation

Our job as educators is to prepare our students for the future. But what does that future now look like?

"Innovation and Entrepreneurship" are the top areas of focus for colleges and businesses. Literally billions have been set aside by several state legislators to foster these skills in business and education. But how do we "teach" innovation?

StartEdUp is an organization to bring these skills to the forefront, so we can stop talking about changing education, and start creating opportunities for our students to become "innovative" and even "entrepreneurial."



Our first course (of what will be several) is a "crash course" for teachers to understand the building blocks of what it means to be innovative, and how to think differently. We feel that for our students to become "innovative," we must provide support for our educators take the journey first. Over this six week course, we will progressively build up the skills, and ask that our "students" post the results daily to our StartEdUp community- which boasts all-star educators, innovators, and amazing entrepreneurs from all over the world. 

We don't simply want you to be inspired by a talk or video and then do nothing. This is no "sit and get" keynote that inspires you for one day- but rather a call to action. We want our "classmates" from all over the country to provide feedback, share best  practices, and collaborate.  Best of all, you can take this course by yourself, but can also involve your students on many of these tasks. Most lessons are under 15 minutes, so you can easily take this course while juggling your busy schedule. 

This crash course is designed to get you thinking about how to: 
*foster true innovation in your classroom (and life)
*find opportunities everywhere, rather than identifying problems to simply complain about
*create habits shared by the most successful innovators and entrepreneurs in the country
*understand flow states, and how to achieve optimal learning conditions
*foster your creativity on HOW to think, not just simply WHAT to think
In the following months, we are going to release courses that will get your teachers and students to "level up" on the journey to become "Innovative Entrepreneurs." For the first round of schools that sign up, you will be "grandfathered" in to where you will not have to pay for each course, but rather get access to all the courses that we will be releasing. We want our early adopters to be rewarded in taking innovation in education seriously. 

This course will be taught by Don Wettrick, and his former student Hunter Stone. Don has started an "Innovation" course over six years ago that has resulted in class success that includes multiple patents, businesses started, student business capital raised, non-profits formed, and even local laws voted on! Hunter Stone, while only in college, has helped launch two successful startups for his clients (yes, I said clients), and is the co-founder of StartEdUp, along Don and his team.